1. Gustin Headquarters

    Last night, Gustin hosted a terrific Styleforum meetup over at their headquarters in the San Francisco Mint Plaza. They had many fantastic products on display including loom state denim, loop-wheel sweatshirts, wallets, and more. I was very impressed with the quality of all their products and am now looking forward to placing an order with them (hopefully that neutral denim comes back in stock soon).

    Their office also had a fantastic patio with an amazing view of the city and a fire pit to keep everyone warm while we sipped on delicious cocktails and ate food from La Mediterranee. A big thanks goes to Josh and Stephen for hosting the event, Gus for helping to organize it, Fok for donating a $200 gift certificate (congratulations Martin), and Dave for being a great bartender. This was probably my favorite Styleforum meetup and it was great opportunity to catch up with old friends and make some new ones.

    Gustin | 6 Mint Plaza, Unit 402

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