1. Today’s Tie and Pocket Square

  2. Saturday Night Live - Jos. A Bank Suits

  3. Early Summer

    Military M65 and navy breton stripes. One of my favorite combinations.

    Jacket - Aspesi | Shirt - Michael Bastian | Pants - Epaulet New York | Briefcase - Filson

    Photo by Chelsea (hembits)

  4. City Beer Store

    The weather in San Francisco has been amazing lately. With temperatures in the low 70s, sometimes the best way to relax is with a nice, cold beer. While San Francisco has a plethora of bars that have diverse selections of beers on tap, what if you want to take one of those beers home?

    Enter City Beer Store. Founded by Craig and Beth Wathen, the two created City Beer Store after they noticed a lack of beer specific retail in the city. The store, located in SOMA, is based upon a wine bar model. Patrons can come in and browse the impressive list of over 400 beers from around the world. From there, the customer can either create their own custom six pack and take it home or simply pour the bottle there and drink.

    I’m thankful for all the bars that serve me here in San Francisco, but sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying an out-of-state cold beer from in the sanctuary of your own home. 

    City Beer Store | 1168 Folsom Street, Suite 101

  5. Uni with Frozen Monk Fish Liver Shavings

    From Akiko’s Restaurant.

    Omakase Part 1 and Part 2.

  6. Omakase Part 2 | Akiko’s Restaurant

    Umimasu (ocean trout)

    Kamasu (Barracuda from Mie Prefecture, Japan)


    Fried kamasu fish bones

    Ji Kinmedai (line caught Japanese alfosino, cold smoked with moshio)

    Uni with frozen monk fish liver shavings


    Miyazaki Wagyu beef nigiri with black truffle slices

  7. Omakase Part 1 | Akiko’s Restaurant

    Cucumber salad with crab

    Nama Hotate (overnighted live unprocessed Hokkaido scallop, never frozen)

    Shiro Ebi with Caviar

    Ameabi with roe

    Fried ameabi head

    Umibudo (sea grapes)

    Kegani (Hokkaido hairy crab) with miso crab fat and red vinegared sushi rice

    Kuro Maguro, chutoro topped with uni and seared

  8. Akiko’s Restaurant

    If I had to choose one type of food to eat for the rest of my life, sushi would be a strong contender. I absolutely love sushi and crave it constantly. However, one of the things that I’ve lamented over is the lack of good sushi restaurants (at least, in my personal opinion) in San Francisco.

    However, this all changed last week when I went to Akiko’s Restaurant. Located in the Financial District, this restaurant has given me renewed faith in San Francisco sushi.

    While it can be fun to order off the menu, I love when sushi restaurants offer Omakase, which is Japanese for “I’ll leave it to you.” Over the course of a few hours, my sushi chef treated my friends and me to a wonderful variety of sushi delights ranging from barracuda to fresh amaebi.

    If you’ve got some time and money to spend, I would highly recommend Akiko’s Restaurant. Make sure to make a reservation beforehand so you can sit at the bar and fully enjoy this dining experience.

    Akiko’s Restaurant | 431 Bush St.

  9. Summer is San Francisco’s strangest season because it only seems to come when it’s not actually summer. And so while the rest of the country has been experiencing rain, snow, and other frigid weather, the last few weeks in San Francisco have been absolutely gorgeous.

    It’s the type of weather that encourages you to hang out on your friend’s patio, drink beer, and talk theories about House of Cards and True Detective.

    Don’t be envious though. Today, the rain has come back to the Bay Area, which means the next time summer decides to come back, it might already be October.

  10. Monday mornings can be stressful with early morning conference calls and mountains of e-mails that need answering, so why not take a small break to watch this shoe shine video from Garra Style?

    Garra Style was a lifestyle magazine from Japan that existed around 2008 that is probably best-known for its online minimalist videos of people doing everyday tasks remarkably well. From ironing to making coffee, each video is particularly pleasing to watch.

    Part of this enjoyment might actually come from the scientific phenomenon known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (or ASMR for short). ASMR is characterized as a pleasurable sensation that comes from a response to visual, auditory, and other cognitive stimuli. As one Reddit user describes it, the enjoyment can come from ”mentally linking the subtle sounds to what I know is extremely efficient and premeditated acts.” As a result, the focus and relaxation that comes from ASMR is comparable to meditation and is helpful in relieving anxiety and stress.

    While the scientific validity of ASMR is still under debate, there is no denying that these videos are well-produced and fun to watch. I’ve embedded a few more of them after the break and while the original Youtube channel has long since been deleted, you can still find most of them online here.

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  11. omgerald:


    Casual Sunday afternoon with some friends.

    Jacket - Gant by Michael Bastian | Shirt - Brooks Brothers | Pocket Square - Drake’s of London | Trousers - Epaulet New York

  12. Valentine’s Day 1964

    Central Kitchen had an amazing 1964 themed menu for Valentine’s Day.


    Oysters Rockefeller

    Beef Carpaccio

    Lobster Thermidor

    Chicken Kiev

    Chocolate Souffle

    Central Kitchen3000 20th St.

  13. Floral

    John’s Unionmade x Golden Bear jacket.

  14. Saturday Afternoon Coffee

    There will never be a shortage of good coffee in San Francisco.

    Jacket - Barbour | Sweater - Gant Rugger | Shirt - Uniqlo x Michael Bastian | Trousers - Epaulet New York | Shoes - Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren

    Photo by Chelsea